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Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic care is often first discovered by stories from friends and family who found relief from their own visits for their back pain. But, chiropractic care goes far beyond back pain, covering important treatments for car accidents, diseases, physical problems, depression and more. At Shattuck Rose Chiropractic Healing Center, Dr. Andre Schmitz has created a practice based on family-focused wellbeing and helping patients overcome pain naturally, without drugs. It is a passion that shines through his treatment with every case and is reflected by his staff.

Finding Pain Relief and Achieving Wellness Through Your Chiropractor in Berkeley

We hope you will check out the testimonials our patients have been kind enough to leave, explaining their excitement with the care they received at the Shattuck Rose Chiropractic Healing Center. We’ve helped out people, like Fran or Tiara who both had horrible vertigo affecting their daily live and experienced normality after just a few days of treatments. Or those like Cheryl, who experienced debilitating pain after falling down the stairs and then found natural healing and pain relief with a variety of chiropractic treatments.

We work with the body to help it achieve healing naturally. Our methods help the body relax and stimulate the blood flow that brings nutrients and oxygen to the injured areas, breaking up scar tissue and allowing your body to regain normality. Injuries often cause sub-injuries – like a limp that arises from and bad back and, in turn, causes the hip, knee or ankle to hurt from overuse. As your chiropractor, we can get to the root cause, fixing your problems from start to finish.

Why We Start With Spinal Alignment

The spine is the basis of your body, and we work with the knowledge that is helps transmit important messages from the brain to every part of your body, while providing structure, shock absorption, strength, movement and balance. Many injuries occur because of a misalignment in the spine or cause a misalignment in the spine. We have treated everything from sports injuries to falls to car accidents. Some patients get preventative therapies to keep their spine in line and their muscles relaxes, avoiding future injuries that would occur from an imbalance or tension.

Using Many Chiropractic Treatments

While spinal alignment is typically thought of as soon as the word “chiropractor” is mentioned, it’s not all we do! We offer many therapies in conjunction with alignment to help your body heal as quickly as possible. We offer corrective exercises to relax and stretch your muscles and joints, advice and counseling for better health choices, massage therapy for relaxing muscles and achieving balance, screenings to catch health problems early and more.

Your health is important to you and we can help you find the balance and relaxation you never knew was missing from your life. Many of our patients can’t believe the relaxation and enjoyment they get after just a few treatments! If you are interested in your overall health or want help with pain relief, call us today!