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We value our patients' experience at Shattuck Rose Chiropractic Healing Center. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Andre Schmitz
Your Berkeley Chiropractor

"I came to Dr.Andre after seeing another chiropractor for 7 weeks who never helped my injuries. I was in pain and a lot of discomfort when I arrived. I signed up for his 3 appointment package, and I saw him once a week for 3 weeks. I can say, Andre Rocks! He knows so much about the body and why I was not getting better. He could tell where I hurt without me even saying anything--he could feel the knots and problems in my upper back, neck, and hips. He takes his time with his patients, has many methods including traditional adjustments, and his advice for stretching at home has greatly helped. The first day I saw him I felt almost 100% better! I now have been feeling great for weeks! 

I have been to chiropractors for over 5 years, and this doctor is one of the best I've ever been to! He has a clean, inviting office space, and a very warm personality. Thanks Dr. Andre for all of your help :)"

- Alyssa H.

"I had horrible vertigo. Could barely function. Dr.Schmidt saw me immediately even though I was a new patient and worked with me and returned me to normal in just a few days. 
I am so deeply grateful to have such a competent, kind, compassionate doctor. He is skilled in many modalities and has an open mind and healing hands."

- Fran S.

"Dr. Andre is an amazing healer. I'm a grad student and all of stress has led to chronic back pain. After visiting Dr. Andre my pain has reduced significantly and I am better able to focus on my studies."

Holly H.

"This past May I was experiencing debilitating vertigo and no doctors could give me an answer or help with the issue.  They simply prescribed medication to mask the symptoms rather than actually treating the problem.  Prior to seeing Dr. Andre I was not a believer of chiropractic treatment but went to his practice as a last resort.  

After our first session I immediately felt my symptoms subside.  I have been going to Dr. Andre weekly since May and have found chiropractic treatment to be immensely helpful.  I have not experienced vertigo since.  I am now able to live with less ailments and enjoy life to a fuller capacity.  Dr. Andre works from a holistic point of view which I find both valuable and practical.  He takes the time to really get to know you and treats you from all angles rather than just focusing target areas.  I now fully believe in the benefits of chiropractic treatment and would highly recommend Dr. Andre."

- Tiara L.

"I injured my low back while dancing Memorial Day weekend, down in Santa Cruz visiting friends. My muscles seized up so badly that I was in extreme pain and could hardly move for about 48 hours, requiring my friends' assistance with every little motion, and a special arrangement for someone else to drive me and my car back home to Berkeley, since I couldn't drive. I was seriously incapacitated for a few days, and scared that I might be out of commission for a long time.

When I came to Andre a few days later, I was still in pain, extremely sensitive, with severely restricted range of movement. I had to take more than a week off work. My body was lopsided, with my left hip and left shoulder drawing visibly toward one another. 

He jumped right to work, experimenting with a variety of techniques and tools, of which he seemed quite proud and knowledgeable. Included among the tools we've now used: two types of tables designed to stretch out the lumbar spine; a buffer (vibrating massage tool); ultrasound; heating pads; palpation; massage; trigger point therapy; stretches; and standard chiropractic adjustments. 

He identified which vertebrae were affected and which muscles were involved. He helped me understand how a severely seized up muscle, my piriformis, was pulling on L3 and several other muscles running all the way from my iliopsoas (through the thighs) to my mid-back, plus having ramifications from neck to feet. 

He also texted me to check in between visits, spent extra time working on me, helped me identify which ice pack to buy, and otherwise went out of his way to help me out in a way that struck me as sincere and generous.

Andre is clearly proud of his work and not afraid to show it. At first this seeming overconfidence put me off, but I learned to roll with it. Over the course of the five sessions I've now had with him, I have learned to match his jocular, direct, communicative and collaborative style in order to make the most of my treatment with him. He told me that he has a background in working with sports injuries for athletes who need to get right back on the field, and so his preferred way of working takes a somewhat aggressive approach, moving quickly through the pain to set things right. However, he of course knows how to respect clients' boundaries and won't do anything you don't want him to. He just firmly believes that a certain approach is more effective, and seems to have the experience and training to back this idea up.

It's now been two and a half weeks since my injury, about two weeks since my first session with him, and 5 sessions in all. I am pretty much back to normal, have been working for a week and have resumed most regular physical activities. He's going on vacation, and I think I can manage for a few weeks just fine. After my first session, seeing the level of spasm I was in, he had said "this is a serious injury" and thought it would take several weeks to recover. But due to our collaboration - his direct approach, my self-care, & communicating about the process - we've both been pleasantly surprised to see me heal so well."

- Stephanie W.

"Excellent service. Dr. Andre is so friendly and helpful. I like the holistic & spiritual atmosphere too. Highly recommended!"

Wayne C.

"I have been going to Chiropractors for 15 years and having lived all over the world, I have seen my fair share of chiros. Andre is hands down one of the best I have ever been to. 
Currently ranking #1 on my Chiro of choice list :) "

Mish V.

"I came to Dr. Andre with great pain in my back and hip after falling down my back stairs.  I could only walk breifly, hunched forward and could not stand straight. Dr. Andre Schmitz took the time to understand what was going on and diagnosed where the pain was coming from and addressed it instantly with great care by using a variety of methods including deep tissue work. That day i could walk better and by one week i was mostly pain free.  Same attention on the second visit and today there is no doubt in my mind that I will be active again and pain free.  He is a great healer who is highly learned and experienced.  I trust him completely and feel fortunate to have been treated by him."

Cheryl M.

"Dr. Andre Schmitz's expertise in both neuromuscular (soft tissue) treatment in addition to precise and thorough chiropractic adjustments make him a one-stop healing shop.  As a bodyworker myself, I search high and low to find superior healers.  I was beyond delighted to see Dr. Andre open another office in the East Bay again. 

Example: I fell and strained my foot badly.   Other chiropractors would still gave me the standard spinal routine.  Andre adjusted my foot, toes, ankle, knee, hip and SI joint. I walked out with no limp.  He's also adjusted my wrists and elbows, which on occasion has entirely freed my neck!  no massive cracking was necessary in my neck, once other problems were skillfully addressed.  

Sometimes other chiropractors feel like they are just running through their standard routine.  Andre always surprises me with very tailored treatments, using different techniques my every visit, depending how I am doing that day.  He also has a terrific memory for bodies and their changes and progress.  It feels very attentive and aware."

- Diane G.

"Every day I'm pain free I am so thankful I found Dr Andre. I had just moved to Berkeley and through all the moving, packing and unpacking I flared up a sensitive spot on my spine and it spasmed my neck and shoulders. The pain was so severe the movement of my head while simply walking caused shooting pains up into my skull. I called and he saw me the same day - as a new patient! He spent almost a full hour assessing my situation, using an assortment of natural modalities (deep tissue massage, ultra sound and some minor adjustments). I never felt like he was rushing me and he totally understood my apprehension with a new doctor. He completely resolved that problem and in the mean time he has also helped with other minor problems in my hips and feet. I have recommended him numerous times to my friends.

Not only is Dr Andre knowledgable and professional but you can tell he enjoys his chosen profession. On every visit you get the sense of the good old days of real doctors taking the time to know their patients. Also I might add that his fees are more then reasonable for the care you receive. I have read many other reviews of Chiropractors and the over riding consensus is they are very costly. I thought my old chiropractor was good. Dr Andre is hands down the best I've ever been to."

Joy F.

"So as not to bore you to tears, I'll try to get right to the point. 

I'm 6'4" and can tend towards the 'heavy' side.  As it is, tall folks like myself tend to be  inherent with back problems.  I've worked several years doing very physical work which helped to compound matters.  I've also been in more than my fair share of auto accidents, 4 or 5m maybe even 6 by now.  I haven't done myself any favors in this regard.  It was in the aftermath of my most recent accident that I was finally motivated to see Dr Schmitz.

In January of 2010, I was struck by a car while riding my motorcycle down Shattuck.  The recovery process, now past 18 months, has been long and arduous.  I suffered 7 broken ribs, severe tissue damage around my lower back and hips, and a broken clavicle that required surgery.   I'd been through several weeks of physical therapy.  My lack of mobility didn't help either as I gained several pounds; the additional weight on my body making my back problems more severe.  I felt at least 10, maybe 20 years past my age.  My recovery had hit a wall.

It's important for me to understand what's going on inside me if I hope to truly commit to routine exercises and regular visits.  Fortunately on my first visit, Dr Schmitz brought some immediate clarity to what had been puzzling me so long.  In plain english, he was able to provide a clear diagnosis as to why my recovery, especially my back, had remained in such pain.  He was sensitive to my skepticism and trust issues.  More to the point, when someone is pushing in pulling on parts of your back, parts of your body that have been in pain for so long, it's easy to throw walls, it's can be tough to relax.  

It's been about 6 weeks since my first appointment at Shattuck Rose Chiropractic.  I can honestly say that I'm feeling healthy again.  I'm not quite 100%, but I'm getting there.  I'm in the gym a few times a week again.  And my back is not always in my head, as it had been.  Even my posture has improved measurably.  Dr Schmitz can't do everything for you.  I've had to follow up on my weekly appointments with my own exercises and treatments.  I've had to commit!  But I truly feel that I've turned the corner on my recovery.  I feel that I've finally scaled that wall.  And I don't think I could of accomplished that without the help of Dr Shmitz."

- Jayme C.

"My perspective:  Age - 68; have used chiropractic svcs for decades; a great-uncle was a chiropracter in the 1920s.  I know the field.  I am an active cyclist.    Dr. Schmitz is tops, a strong healer, who goes way beyond mere adjustments to also work on soft tissue with accupressure, heat, stretching, occasional application of ultrasound, etc.  For the last year, I have gone to him off and on to deal with occupational injury (too much sitting!) and back pain induced by careless lifting of grandkids, etc.  Sessions are never rushed, and sometimes include focused massage...much, much more than I have ever received from any other practitioner.  For all this, prices are less than traditional chiropracters in the area.  Location is great, with parking on street.  Sessions include soothing music, a cup of herbal tea, and recommendations for stretches & exercise.  PS: I just posted this review at Dr. Schmitz name as well."

- Norm G.

"I am extremely satisfied with the treatments I received from Dr. Andre.  Once again I pulled the muscles connecting my neck and shoulder blade, and was resigned to weeks of misery, ibuprofen, ice, distraction from my work and normal level of activity.  Dre understood my malady and set about on a routine of intense therapy designed to set me on a healing path.  Bravo!  I strongly recommend Dr. Andre."

- ODannyBoy y.

"Andre is great! I am a dancer and have seen many bodyworkers over the years for various injuries/ailments. I was looking for a healer to address an issue I have been experiencing in my neck for the past 3 years, and have been extremely pleased to find such a skilled healer in the area. 

Over the course of a few sessions my neck issue is almost completely non-existent, and Andre has also targeted other areas of my body that need attention to come back into alignment as well. 

I'm not someone who has ever enjoyed being cracked, in fact it usually makes me feel very nervous and uncomfortable, but Andre has only had to use this kind of strong adjustment a few times. He relies on therapeutic soft-tissue work to get the job done when possible. The cracking adjustments have also been very comfortable and extremely effective leaving me feeling free and light when I leave. 

Andre is truly a great healer and I highly recommend his skills!"

- Kate V.

"Shattuck Rose Chiropractic has given me pain relief as well as increased my range of motion.

I've had rheumatoid arthritis for over ten years, and have had both shoulders and both hips replaced.  I've known pain.  Now, by going regularly  to SRC, I've turned a new corner and even in this cold weather feel great.  I'm very grateful to have found Shattuck Rose Chiropractic.  

Dr. Andre Schmitz is wonderfully responsive practitioner, professionally as well as intuitively understanding how to help my body heal.

Thank you."

E. Jane W.

"I was walking down the street minding my business, when i stumbled upon  shattuck rose chiropractic. i had slept wrong 1 wk ago and my neck was cranked. my doctor said to take motrin and wait it out. it never really went away entirely. so i thought what the heck , i'll give this place a whirl. so  i went in on a whim and andre greeted me, all smiles (very gregarious guy!), and just happened to have a slot open just then. he assessed my spine , and in a jiffy unlocked that crank in my neck. i was able to fully turn my head left again after i left his office! thanks!! 

- Herman C.

"My shoulder and lower back were aching from too many gym workouts and not enough stretching.  I thought the aches would work themselves out with a bit of rest but that wasn't the case.  The back ache turned into pain, so it was time to visit a chiropractor.  With no personal recommendations to go by, I got on Yelp and liked the reviews for Dr. Schmitz's office.  I called early one morning and he was able to see me that afternoon.  I'm so happy I chose Dr. Schmitz because he's excellent.   He quickly found the source of the aches and was immediately able to start the healing process and alleviate the pain.  I left his office feeling so much better.  Dr. Schmitz is easy to talk to, seems to listen and care about what you're saying, very knowledgeable and informative.  He made sure I left the office knowing how to stretch my sore muscles so I could take care of myself at home.  I highly recommend Dr. Schmitz and will be seeing him next time an ache turns painful."

- Dana M.

"Dr. Andre Schmitz has really helped me. On more than one occasion I have had an acute injury and on short notice he has made himself available to help relieve my pain and discomfort. He is very knowledgeable and does a great job of explaining what's happening in the injured area. His hands are magic!  I highly recommend Andre for your physical ailments. He's sure to make you feel better!"

Jen B.